Saturday, February 19, 2011


Soo in case you were not aware, i can not dance. Its hopeless and bradys attempt to help me today didnt really help. i still suck.... but thats okay :)
so im gonna turn this over to B and let her tell you about it.

Waking up with nothing better to do ..i inserted Just Dance 2... into the wii! Taking over an hour to simply pick i song we finally settled on "Hot Stuff". i thought this would be the perfect song for abby to show off her moves ...turns out she didnt have any..haha :). So i stepped in and strutted my stuff! haha ....recieveing an excellent on my finally score i showed her how it was done. BAM! ...well...actually i was just as bad, but i had the confidence of a REAL winner haha.

anyways if you have any advice on dancing or wanna show us your fancy moves comment on this (to show us moves- comment with a video!)

Friday, February 18, 2011


Just so everyone knows most of our blog posts are going to be based off of questions we are asked (some will also be random things about whats going on in our lives). So wether you need advice or just want an opinion email us your ?'s at those.two2@gmail.com. We are open to discussing any topic so ask away!